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Brand honesty and transparency in communication is in focus. Now more than ever.

Early adapters of online socializing, millennials were known to being keen on honesty, justice and sensibility in brands as social media platforms have made all corporate actions more and more visible, leaving no room for dishonest mistakes. Starting to replace baby boomers and even Gen X in corporations and organizations, millennials' demands needs to be taken more and more seriously throughout various sectors.

Projects that enhance a brand's good will is not enough. Because millennials are so good at keeping a close relation to the rapidly changing news and developments, the brands' need to be quick on their feet. This requires a deep understanding in what your brand stands for and what is the story that it tells through its communication channels. By obtaining a narrative that relies on actual facts and inspiring stories around the brand as well as adopting courageous and socially-driven motives that would enhance that narrative, a brand can tell a 'real' story in which one can rapidly develop fast-responses to ever-changing world of social media platforms.

Being honest is easiest when you know what you stand for already. And transparency is the key to communicating your values as honest as they may seem. Showing backstage of your brand, using roughly filmed videos of the rush of the moment are some of the ways many brands communicate their 'transparent' attitude toward their customers.

During the quarantine, the brands have discovered how little production means to content. How little polishing up means to talking from your heart. When people are in need for relief, the brands that shared their barest, most 'vulnerable' -to the degree of maintaining a level of casual professionalism- took their communication to the next level. In a world in which millennials have exhausted the polishing and over-thinking about the visuals, with the addition of unparalleled circumstances of quarantine, having a storyline and a strong base for honest & professional contents will be the key.

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