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Embracing imperfections leads to honest communication. In a world full of brands that claim meaning and purpose in order to get in touch with their audiences, the struggle is to aim a specific focus on your brand. Can going where most is reluctant to go be a way out?

Rebranding of MailChimp.

According to an article about the meaning of rebranding, the brands are more and more into the idea of rebranding as a way to keep their message fresh and evolve in the best way to respond to their market. However, excluding some of the good examples of rebranding that meet and/or exceed the expectations, most brands look up to good examples came before them may sometimes find themselves lost in the plurality as a result of their rebranding.

You can look across a lot of the direct-to-consumer brands or new technology platforms that have launched in the last couple of years and start to see a lot of commonality across their storytelling, across their product experience, across their visual-identity system.

The key element to branding and rebranding is to achieve a standpoint where the brand can be distinguished in its message, visuals and experiences in order to claim a desired part of the market. So how to achieve meaningful branding and to stay up-to-date at the same time?

The core of the brand: Exposed.

The core ideas for a brand is how the brand claims to exist. Not just through the services and products it offers but how it came to offer them and how it describes the world and the future around them. How they exist within the community - whether it be a physical or virtually connected one - and how they serve their audience not just as a service but also as a part of the community, sharing the same values and principles. Exposing emotional and rational decision-making of the brand will communicate it through the audience as honest.

Claiming the focus rather then just attention

Exposing the core values of the brand depends on getting the focus of the audience as well. The context in which the brands position themselves and the contents they create is what will turn shiny branding to a remarkable brand. Embracing the imperfections of life, bodies, people and places, communicating these imperfections as normalized as they come draws focus into stories that touch large audiences. Claiming brands' own imperfections as well as challenging societal norms help the most successful brands to deliver engaging stories around their brands. In effect, placing the brand in a statement that speaks more than their products and services also creates a great core point on which the brand can build upon for years to come.


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