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Let's take a deep dive at the branding process of Ovvio, from inception to going live.

About Ovvio

Bringing a fresh perspective into the world of work management tools, Ovvio is based in Tel Aviv; rapidly growing with investment platforms and customers such as Techstars, AWS Startup Programs, TMCL and more.

The main illustration created for Ovvio.


Ovvio’s unique solution to work management allows everyone to have an overview of multiple simultaneous projects, as well as detailed breakdowns of tasks, teammates and priorities of each project. Our brief was to successfully convey the 'clarity & peace of mind' that Ovvio users will have over their workspaces.

Our Solution

We pulled our focus on managing multiple projects that the users have to manage simultaneously, and conveyed this abstract problem with simple geometric shapes.

The logotype and the icon follows a similar style, allowing the logo to achieve overall balance and connection with the brand values.

It's All About Balance

We have created a light, cheerful and positive illustration style to accompany the brand's solution-based, problem-solving and rational iconography.

Ovvio Blog: A Place to Get Inspired!

Seamlessly share notes & tasks!

An Ovviously Better Way!

Our visual branding is reinforced with clever play on words to show Ovvio's unique spirit.

With Ovvio, everyone stays in the loop! All tasks and notes are created and shared freely - allowing for creativity to nourish and collaboration between teammates getting stronger than ever. An ‘ovviously’ better way to work. Huh!


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