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After a decade of pacing up, it is finally time to look inwards and slow down. Although exaggerated by quarantine conditions, the desire to move away from social media is not a new idea for many millennials.

According to a study published in the end of 2019, millennials are slowly but increasingly moving away from endless scrolling towards more real life experiences and meaningful brand contents.

“Nearly 50% of Millennials admit that their activity on social media has caused them to overspend to impress their networks.

The wear and tear of social media is present mostly on millennials, since they have been the first generation to completely emmerse in the craze then any other. The overbearing network of information and over-expecting nature of Instagram beauty standart begins to crumble to anyone who looks past the online bubbles that surrounds them.

Moving away from the phone? Not really.

The shift is most probably going to be 'a shift in application' rather than a complete unplugging from the online sphere. In these changing times, it's more expected to see IOT's finally taking over as expected, slowly filling the void of which was once filled with hours of social media engagement.

Rather than just scrolling through endless fast-consumable content, users are looking for ideas and expertise from the brands they follow that they themselves might make use in their personal lives. As in the case of increasingly turning towards cooking content by restaurants & chefs in quarantine times, the users will be more and more interested in taking part in real-life experiences and content with an additional value to their personal life instead of just watching someone else's experience.

Crafting brands towards the upcoming wave of self-experience times

For any brand to customer company, a transformation of services will possibly to be necessary in the following times. In a polarized world that is exposed more and more in its injustices, creating areas of reflection & new collective entertainment channels is crucial.

Staying home has triggered the questioning of making use of online platforms as a way to help the every-day life, coming back to real-life experiences and rethinking the purchases of comfort. A clear brand vision into the 2020s should survive all functional and practical tests, while still assertive and confident in its strengths.


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